This page describes how to set up a Gigasheet API key.

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Obtaining your Gigasheet API key

Calls to Gigasheet API endpoints are authenticated using a Gigasheet API key. You must obtain a token using the token creation flow in the Gigasheet web application user interface at For assistance obtaining a token, please contact [email protected].

Authenticating requests with a Gigasheet API key

Your Gigasheet API key can be used to authenticate requests by providing the custom header X-GIGASHEET-TOKEN. A simple example is shown here:

curl -H "X-GIGASHEET-TOKEN: your_api_key_here"
token = 'your_api_key_here'
res = requests.get('', headers={'X-GIGASHEET-TOKEN':token})
# for use with httpie
http GET X-GIGASHEET-TOKEN:your_api_key_here

The other pages of this documentation portal provide interactive examples in many more formats and languages.

How to Authenticate
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